Free to Die by Bob McElwain


Free to Die by Bob McElwain

Brad Ashton fled three years ago to avoid a conviction for murder. Now he's back. And his hope for freedom appears to be within reach.

Unfortunately there are those who have no interest in his legal status; they only want him dead or on the run once more.

But for Brad, running is no longer an option. It's a table stakes game in which the risks are high. But he puts everything he has, including his life, on the table, then settles in, determined to win every hand.

Customer Reviews

Ok book

Worth the free read but the frequency of typos and general editing errors were hard to ignore.

Great story!!

Great story plot, clear & vivid story telling. I'm thrilled I came upon it. This is a perfect summer book for passing time.

Never read this many typos!

This is a good story that you will want to finish reading once you start. One minor problem, one major problem. Minor problem: the author throws too many names of characters at you in the beginning..& switches between their first & last names before really developing any of them. Major problem: way too many typos. WAY too many.
That being said, it's still worth reading. I just wish someone would have proof-read it first..or just read it. I did like the story though.
A 4 star read without the typos.

Free to Die by Bob McElwain
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  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
  • Published: Dec 06, 2009
  • Publisher: Foremost Press
  • Seller: Smashwords
  • Print Length: 257 Pages
  • Language: English

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