The English Spy by Daniel Silva


The English Spy by Daniel Silva

#1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another stunning thriller in his latest action-packed tale of high stakes international intrigue featuring the inimitable Gabriel Allon.


Then there was THE ENGLISH GIRL.

Now comes THE ENGLISH SPY . . .

Master novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with seventeen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken them around the globe and back—from the United States to Europe, Russia to the Middle East. His brilliant hero, Gabriel Allon—art restorer, assassin, spy—has joined the pantheon of great fictional secret agents, including George Smiley, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, and Simon Templar.

Following the success of his smash hit The Heist, Daniel Silva returns with another blockbuster—a powerhouse novel that showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination, and is sure to be a must read for both his multitudes of fans and growing legions of converts.

Customer Reviews

The English Spy

I absolutely love the books by Daniel Silva. The English Spy is also a winner. The story is woven in history and also today's current events effortlessly while writing a suspenseful and very well written novel. His characters come to life on the pages as you read and seem to become personal friends. I would recommend these books to anyone who loves mysteries or suspense.

A waste of time

A badly written, uninspired novel. The story is cobbled together from most of Daniel Silva's other Gabriel Allon books only without the detail and the passion. The English Spy, actually former special forces Brit Christopher Keller, is a secondary character in past Silva novels because he shouldn't be used to, and can't, sustain an entire book.

Making Keller a principle character is a mistake. The main story about the IRA is unadventurous and utterly without contemporary urgency.

Allon is treading water in this one. Silva is trying to keep him from taking over the Office and even the birth of the twins with Chiara is forestalled. The characters haven't progressed.

I can't believe the raves that others have written here. Did they actually read the book? What about the huge error on page 72 when Silva has Saddam invading Iraq, his own country, in 1990?

"The English Spy" is a dull, padded work of fiction. I wish I could get back my money.

Unlike the rest of the series

This book seemed to have been ghost written by someone who didn't understand how important Gabriel's artistic pursuits are to the fullness of his character, Virtually no time was spent in the opening chapters establishing his passion for restoring masterpieces. The book rushed headfirst into action that was no different than dozens of other thrillers. And not enough time was spent at the beginning enjoying the relationship between Gabriel and his wife.

There are many thrillers on the market every month but none with the mosaic of artist/husband/assassin that is Gabriel Allon. I hope the financial reward of being a best-selling author does not result in this series becoming a formula thriller. If so, you will have lost me.

The English Spy by Daniel Silva
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  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
  • Published: Jun 30, 2015
  • Publisher: Harper
  • Seller: HarperCollins
  • Print Length: 544 Pages
  • Language: English
  • Series: Gabriel Allon

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