The Last Man by Vince Flynn


The Last Man by Vince Flynn

An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing, and with him, secrets that in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. The only question is: Can Mitch Rapp find him first?

Joe Rickman, head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan, has been kidnapped and his four bodyguards executed in cold blood. But Mitch Rapp’s experience and nose for the truth make him wonder if something even more sinister isn’t afoot. Irene Kennedy, director of the CIA, has dispatched him to Afghanistan to find Rickman at all costs.

Rapp, however, isn’t the only one looking for Rickman. The FBI is too, and it quickly becomes apparent that they’re less concerned with finding Rickman than placing the blame on Rapp.

With CIA operations in crisis, Rapp must be as ruthless and deceitful as his enemies if he has any hope of finding Rickman and completing his mission. But with elements within his own government working against both him and American interests, will Rapp be stopped dead before he can succeed?

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I loved this book! The prequels were good, but I'm glad we are back to present day. Mitch continues to evolve has a person & I am excited to see where he goes from here. Read this book, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Flynn keeps getting better and better. This book is just as good, if not better, than all of Flynn's previous books. The reader gets to see a different, more introspective version of Rapp as he deals with the aftermath of theatre. Amazing read. You want be able to put it down.


The wait for this book release was well worth the wait. Vince Flynn was at his best. The only sad part about reading this book was when I finished. I wanted more and the writing to never end. A must read. Well done Vince!!!!!

The Last Man by Vince Flynn
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  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
  • Published: Nov 13, 2012
  • Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
  • Seller: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc.
  • Print Length: 448 Pages
  • Language: English
  • Series: Mitch Rapp

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